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Random 8

I've been tagged by my friend David so here are the rules:
   a)   I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
   b)   Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
   c)   People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
   d)   At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
   e)   Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they are tagged and to visit your blog.

So, here you go:

8. While it's well known that I love 80's music, it's less well known that I don't like too many of the mainstream artists.  My favorites are Erasure, Men Without Hats, The Art of Noise, Tommy Paige, White Lion and Bon Jovi.  Heck, I love Bon Jovi.  Their newest album, Lost Highway, makes me even more convinced that they will be one of the timeless bands people always love to listen to.

7. I adore Science Fiction.  I love almost every Sci-Fi book I've ever read, every TV show (I've recently fallen for Andromeda) and every Sci-Fi movie I've ever seen (even the crappy ones people hate).  I even like New Age music because of the Sci-Fi sound.

6. I'm convinced that I forget at least 10 ideas each day which could actually make a lasting difference in my life or the life of someone else.  For example, corporate America is severely broken with our focus on money and the lives of individuals would be better if all profit was given away.  Oh, guess I didn't forget that one.

5. I love to make up stories for others to experience, especially Rachel.  I love even more when I hear Rachel making up her own stories, which she does very, very often.  Yesterday I couldn't stop smiling when I came across Rachel flipping pages in a book and "reading" a story to Colin based loosely on the pictures on each page.

4. I sometimes feel incredibly and totally lost.  I get back on course through spending time with other people that believe in me, praying to god, imagining Christ holding my hand and listening to clean (or semi-clean)stand-up comedians.

3. I'll try just about anything so that I can have the experience.  If I can't actually have the experience I can imagine it with such clarity that I feel emotionally moved after the mental trip is over.  A trait I apparently share with my friend Kate (as I just found out last week).

2. I spent Kindergarten through 8th grade on a farm at Burgundy Farm Country Day School.  We had (still have) goats, chickens, sheep and some other random photos.  We also had a pig, snakes, rats, mice (to breed and feed the snakes), rabbits and a squirrel named Scrabble in our 5th grade class, best class ever... well, until high school and college.

1. speaking of school, I have a little piece of pencil lead stuck in the palm of my right hand.  I got it at the end of Spanish class in 7th grade when I was bored and shoving what I thought was the eraser into my palm... until it hurt.  Amazingly enough Mark Steele, comedian and author of Flashbang, did something similar and has pencil lead in his left palm.  I guess we are destined to meet someday.

8 Other people huh?  Ok, I'll tag Jess, Melissa, Cindy (or, more accurately, Alex), Kate, Christine, Mason, Michael and Kat.



Unknown said…
I love Andromeda. But it went off the air and I was sad. It's probably still going on cable, but...

This is Alex D by the way, my lj is the same as this display name.
Tom said…
Yay! Now I know what we can talk about next time I see you on a Monday night. I just bought the entire series on DVD, hopefully to show up in a few days!

Do I hear Andromeda marathon?
Anonymous said…
T2, thanks for playing along. I continue to hold you and the others from our Richmond Hill weekend up in prayer as we discern what God wants us to do. My priest has written the diocese to request a DSDF to begin working with us re: my call. Be well, and stay in touch. Peace & Cheers, SS
Missa said…
Thanx tom, i finished mine.
Jess said…
thanks for the tag. i'll probably put my responses up this weekend, assuming of course that I survive the remainder of Friday (i'm pulling my first all-nighter since I started school again)

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