Saturday, February 23, 2013


It’s been quite a while, and I must say that I’ve missed blogging. Really, more specifically, creating and building instead of consuming all of the time. Of course, I get to build and contribute a lot at work, and that has really become incredibly rewarding over the past year. I also stopped blogging because it felt like I really didn’t have anything more to say at the time.

I was talking about my relationship with God, and how we can live our relationships with each-other. Incredibly important conversations, but nothing that other people aren’t already taking about. And it’s really just more useful to have those conversations in person whenever possible.

Recently thought I’ve really felt God pushing me toward contributing again, but in a different way from what I had done before. I’m finding that a lot of things I assume others know from just listening to the news, or searching (I prefer Bing, so I won’t say “Googling” but I’ll NEVER say “Binging”), really no one knows.

So, this Lent, I’ll be posting each day on something people have been asking about, or I think people really need to know. These aren’t current events or anything, but focused on things I have really learned over the years about living with computers, or life with kids (though I’ll focus more on the concrete technical stuff whenever I can).I plan to talk about things like:

  • What type of laptop should I buy if I were buying right now?
  • I just got a Windows 8 laptop (or installed Windows 8), what now?
  • How do I protect my PC, or remove a virus?
  • What cool thing have you done while programming (admittedly, this would be a small audience)?
  • What’s a great best game for building stories, or for family time?
  • My kid has accidents, how can I help?
  • I want to get into Comic books, how do I start?
  • I never thought about comic books, convince my why I’m misguided?
  • I’m cheap, what are some great Web comics to read?
  • I’m cheap, what’s the best way to listen to music?
  • Over the air radio is so repetitive, what can I do to make my drive more interesting?
  • I want to cut the cord with Cable, how can I do it, or what are the trade-offs?
  • What’s a good way to spend time with God outside church (okay, so it’s not ALL concrete stuff)?
  • What’s the best song of all time (we did this in church last week, and they got it wrong),and how can I listen to it for free?

Feel free to let me know what you’d like me to talk about first, if you have a preference. Or is there anything you’ve been dying to ask me that I haven’t answered before?


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