Monday, May 2, 2011

.Net Web Toolkits/Frameworks

I was looking over Rick Strahl's blog post on ASP.NET GZip Encoding Caveats and came across this reference to the West Wind ASP.Net Web/AJAX Toolkit. While I'm not interested necessarily in starting to implement this framework, but wondered if you all had experiences with other frameworks around .Net Web development. One thing I found interesting in this one was their Data Binding, where it puts behind the scenes a TwoWay binding for data elements (so you have a selection list, when the value changes it automatically calls the application and updates in the DB instead of waiting for submit or coding your own Ajax.jQuery call for it). Also, the Business layer implementation is interesting, where it will take your EF model and build out stubs for CRUD operations in a business layer.

I also saw that Telerik seems to have a framework, but its not quite the same as some more simple, common utilities. DevExpress has their XAF framework which is around using the entire tool to build applications, but its pretty expensive, at $2K per developer (Telerik has similar pricing). Im not quite as worried about price, more just wondering what experiences you all might have had, or your thoughts on using them.

So, has anyone else used some .Net frameworks, and what do you think?

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