Monday, June 22, 2009

Dropbox Limerick

It’s funny, but I never really get to rhyme much in my daily life. I remember a year or so ago having dinner with our extended family, aunts and uncles at Red Robin, and somehow deciding the rhyme everything I said during the entire meal. It’s pretty amazing how quickly you can come up with rhymes, though they sure aren’t immensely clever.

I’ve been using Dropbox for a while now and fallen in love with it. Essentially you have a folder on your desktop and anything you put in it gets uploaded to a shared directory. You can share individual files, or make a public folder. While it’s a little less intuitive than YouSendIt for e-maling files, I’ve found I really prefer using Dropbox for simply copying a file to a folder and copying the public link, as well as having the file sit up there as long as I want. Plus I find YouSendIt to be pretty expensive for just e-mailing files.

To kick off them having a million users, and a new 50GB storage option, they opened a forum for people to win a 50GB storage, with bonus points to a limerick. I know you were wondering what rhyming had to do with Dropbox. So, here’s what I threw together.

One million users
is an amazing spree
while I'm but a lone soul
with no space left free.

While two gigs is far more
than my Apple IIGS could store,
I find it's not enough
since sharing huge files is tough.

Sharing my data and saving to the cloud
would make my family incredibly proud,
but how could I, with just one try,
ever hope I'd be a five in a million guy.

If you are looking for a simple online backup or sharing of your files, Dropbox is great. And they plan to release a iPhone/iPod touch app soon, even better. Oh, but let me know so I can refer you and get a little more free space.


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