Friday, May 1, 2009

The Creation of Man

Sir Percy Character Study by ~BriarRose86 Erin and I had an odd conversation where we tried to track down exactly when she taught me that if you close your eye, and put eye drops in the corner, then open your eye, the drops don’t bother you. Good stuff to remember for both kids and adults, since I didn’t know until I was 26 or something. The final decision was that I learned this pearl of wisdom before watching The Scarlet Pimpernel at National (or Ford’s) Theater. If you ever get a chance, this is the musical to see, you’ll laugh your tukus off.

Erin always rolls her eyes at this, but one of the best songs ever made is the Creation of Man. Here the Pimpernel describes how great it is to be a man, and how we should live up all the flourishes and dressing styles afforded to us men. Not just plumes in our hats, but “lights in our pants.” The suits they come out wearing are just so outrageous that I could only ever dream of being able to wear something like it to work. If only I’d thought of it for my wedding… This song is hilarious to listen to, and when you’re watching it you’ll laugh so hard you’ll start crying. You should check out the lyrics, and even a video of it on All Musicals. The use of rhyme is also awesome.

Needless to say, this could be my theme song. Living life so outrageously and off the norm that we’re noticed is great. Once you’re noticed, what do you do with that recognition?

I’ll assume you all know where I’m going with “what do you do when you’re recognized” and I wont’ even really go down that road anymore. The real question is, what outrageous things can you do that simply make life more fun?

I love wearing my pink shirt so that I can both express how secure I am in my masculinity, and get people to laugh and smile at it. Rachel loves to match me when I wear pink, and I’d love it if we could get the whole family to do it some time.

Another way to look at is, in what ways do you look at the world and think it is normal? Chances are, that means something needs to change. I love looking at things and trying to see them trough a different lens. The person who’s recently unemployed now has a ton of opportunities to live their dreams for a while, either training for a marathon or developing some Xbox game. The miserably rainy day is a chance to skip mowing or enjoy the anticipation of blooming flowers and budding leaves that the rain brings. The work suit that can be accentuated with a flower in the lapel…  or bright white jacket with dark blue designs, a matching hat and, of course, a cane (or am I thinking of a pimp from the 70’s).

So, how are you planning to look at the norm differently?


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