Thursday, April 16, 2009

We’re All the Same

different: dislike and like by ~deWhin Recently I’ve been listening to the Scientific American 60 Second Science podcast. their podcast Peers know you better Than You Do followed an interesting study about speed dating, where a person who described themselves did a worse job being accurate than people who had previously dated the person and then described them.

While the whole thing was interesting, the line that stuck out for me was this:

The researchers say such “surrogate” information may be strong because we’re more alike than we think. Even people of different cultures share similar likes and dislikes. Plus we tend to hang out with people who share our interests. So while we may be marching to our own beat, we’re always part of a bigger band.

All my life I’ve been convinced that we are more similar than dissimilar. We all have very similar wants and dreams. It’s part of why religion has such a string influence in our life.

We all want to belong to something. We want to feel loved, and, in most cases, we want to help others feel loved.

Of course there’s a whole lot more to it than just that. It’s worth remembering that the woman who cut you off on the road the couple that’s taking forever to get through the checkout line and even the person whose broken your heart in a million pieces share your likes and dislikes. We’re all part or a bigger band, connected together.

How will you live your role?


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