Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tom’s Friend

Tom's Friend Promotional Mug Holy cow, I was going to write on leading people, management, or some other such unimportant thing. Thank goodness I checked my email first! My friend Cindy let me know about Tom’s Friend mugs which this group is giving away free (even S&H is free) as a promotion. So, if you’re my friend, acquaintance, or stumbling upon this blog from Google, you HAVE to get a mug that makes very clear that I’m your friend! If you’re across the pond and want to make clear who loves you most, let me know and I’ll try and get one for you. Request one now!

An overview of the whole thing is on the Tom’s Film site with a quick synopsis in Free Tom’s Friend Coffee Mug post. I’ll definitely be there to see the movie!

I’ve ordered my own so that I can give it to my wife for her birthday.

Thanks Cin!


Anonymous said...

I live across the pond! Would love to get a mug, seeing that I named my eldest son after you :)


Alex D said...

I just did this, you know how much I love coffee. Also, I got an espresso machine!!!!

PS- Great run of posts!