Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Polyphonic Spreeing

Follow the Day... by ~Nicc593 My friend Alex recently got me into the band Polyphonic Spree. If I’d have to call it anything it’s kind of a mix between the Beatles and symphonic rock (though I stole the symphonic rock part from Wikipedia). They have traits so similar to the Beatles that Pandora ends up suggesting a bunch of Beatles songs on the Polyphonic Spree station. Seeing as how I don’t like the Beatles, I thumbs down and skip those songs.

I really got into them because Alex said they had some really upbeat music that just makes you happy. I’d definitely have to agree. I’ve loved driving down the road to Light & Day blaring at top notch. Truly, I’ve read the lyrics and still don’t really understand the song, but it talks about focusing on the day and reaching toward the sun.

There are so many times that we look at the day wondering what can possibly befall us. We can just as easily think about the day and wonder what great thing we will make happen.

So, how did you bring light to the world today?


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Alex D said...

There is, sadly, no "thumbs up" here, so I simply must say that Polyphonic Spree is amazing; particularly with the dreary weather going on currently (Spring time is rather bi-polar right now).