Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Friends and Trends

Trends by ~freede Meeting new people, and reconnecting with old friends, gives us the great opportunity to evaluate our own lives through someone else’s lens.

I talked with an old high school friend about her life going all over the world, and finally settling in beautiful Maine teaching deaf and blind kids (I don’t think the same kids have both problems, man, would that stink). It helped me look at the traveling I do, and the people I help. I’m recognizing how much I do love to go new places, just so I can become a part of the real culture, and not just the tourist traps. I like to explore, though I haven’t done it too much lately.

Then there are a couple of friends who have been laid off, and help me realize just how great it is that I have a job, and one that I really enjoy going to each day. No, it’s not everything I want, but since I don’t know what I want yet, how could I ever fault the job. It’s time for me to stop complaining about work, and instead enjoy what I have each day.

I talked to another friend about some of the ways where my life may appear idyllic, but can also be messed up behind the scenes. She told me some of the same stuff she’d said years before, helping me remember that life is what I make it. She also helped me remember that the dreams I have are all easily attainable, I just have to commit and decide to make them happen, even if it’s as simple as going away on a trip for a week.

Old friends helps us change our new trends. It’s wonderful!


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