Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dr. Horrible

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog I’ve been listening to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog soundtrack on the way in, and it’s just awesome. If you ever think that the jerk who beat you up in school doesn’t want to be loved, this will set you straight… and remind you the jerk is trying to destroy the world at the same time. Truly, it’s just hilarious, and I’m beginning to sing along to some of the songs.

I haven’t had time to actually watch the Blog, which you can get on iTunes or Hulu, but the soundtrack is pretty darned good.

So, if you’re feeling in the mood to relate to some bad guys, since they are people with feelings too, then check it out!

This could all just be a humorous review of Dr. Horrible. Every time I listen to it though I end up thinking about those people I don’t like, or do some pretty idiotic (or hurtful) things. Remember the kid in 3rd grade who ran over and hit the girl… because he liked her? Oh, wait… that was me doing the hitting.

Maybe it comes from working with kids so much, but I see some pretty idiotic things. I know of kids who’ve cut because they feel lonely (not cutting school, that was SO 80’s), or retreated completely from the world because they didn’t think they would fit in. I’ve seen the flip side too, people who are up close to the point of obnoxious because they’re scared that if people don’t see them every day, they’ll be forgotten about or less loved. I can’t necessarily say I do this (though I am pretty “in your face” and obnoxious), but I do know that in my past relationships I’d get VERY self-conscious if I didn’t talk to the girl every day or two, thinking she was off creating a life and happy I wasn’t a part of it.

I’ve also known people who seem to be overly critical, or downright abusive, without even realizing what they were doing. In the name of “professionalism” or “leadership” they would tell someone what to do, instead of entering into a real conversation of give and take.

Everyone, even idiots, really have some deep emotions going on. It’s always worth remembering that the person you can’t stand might just be a Dr. Horrible, building his freeze ray in the basement of his house to find any way he knows to get you to like him.

Who have you loved recently that you really didn’t think deserved it?

No, your own kids don’t count.



A.D. said...

Not in response to your question, but to Dr. H. Me and a friend actually really like this, but we find it has a lot of meaning too, so we are attempting to cut it into a duo for forensics. Yay!

Tom said...

A duo for forensics class? How does that work?