Monday, January 19, 2009


Okay, so this is a post entirely about me. Don’t worry, I’ll have some useful content soon, I promise. But I was talking to my friend Rob last week about some friends that started doing something new “a few months ago.” Rob’s response was that it was at least last August. My reply? Yeah, that’s a few moths ago, right?

I related that story to Erin and she pointed out that you could almost list out certain things that I do which are slightly off from other people. Now, there are tons and tons of ways that I think differently from other people. Personally, I love that.

It keeps me unique. At times though it also seems pretty darned funny. I figure that if people need to laugh at someone, it may  be at my expense instead of some unsuspecting, and undeserving person.

so, here are a few Tomisms specifically regarding how I see time.

  • A few years ago: Any time between last year and thirty years ago
  • Last year: Last year
  • A few months ago: Any time between two months and a year ago
  • A couple months ago: Any time between last month and six months ago
  • Last month: Any time between two weeks ago and two months ago
  • Last week: Any time between yesterday and a few months ago
  • A few days Ago: any time between yesterday and three weeks ago
  • Yesterday: Any time between yesterday and last week
  • Now: Any time between right now and an hour from now

I’m sure I’m not the only one to do stuff like this. Who else out there has some “isms”?


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Missa said...

these are good, and so very true of u, LOL