Monday, January 5, 2009

Star Wars Fans

I definitely call myself a Star Trek fan. I read this comic and immediately knew that the two of them were talking about in the first frame.

When I was recovering from surgery last year I watched all of the Star Wars movies in order. It was a lot of fun. But, honestly, I still prefer the incredible depth I got from all of the Star Trek shows, from The Original Series (TOS) through Enterprise. It took a while, but I even came to love Deep Space 9, though I still prefer the idea of exploring the universe and finding new ways of seeing the world.

Working Daze Archer-Picard 2009-01-05

I hadn’t really thought about it much, but there definitely are different types of people. In a lot of cases those who love Star Wars don’t seem to really understand or completely love Star Trek. They always see it as “Star Wars Lite.” The Star Trek Fans are pretty similar as well, we appreciate Star Wars, and think it’s a great story, but if we would gladly re-watch Star Trek episodes again and again.

So, what are you? Star Wars or Star Trek?

Oh, and in case you were wondering… Picard.



Anonymous said...

TREK. Duh. Also, Picard and Janeway are tied in my mind.

Cindy said...

Normally it's Picard vs Kirk. I'm definitely a Picard person. That accent. That bald head. The way he says "Make It so!"

We tried so hard to get into Enterprise, but I just never did.

Anonymous said...


I would go with Picard, obviously, but I just saw Equus, which has Kate Mulgrew in it-- so I sort of fell in love with her again.

Missa said...

Star Wars!!!
I just dont get, nor understand trek, LOL!
I grew up seeing the empire stirkes back and Jedi on the big screen, and that "magic" always stay with me ;)