Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lent Devotion Version 1

Over Lent some people in our church write a devotion for each day to be put into a printed booklet that we try to share with everyone, both people in and out of the church. There’s the hope that the people will read the devotion each day, since it aligns with the reading of the day. We are kept to 300 words or less, so about half a page.

Every year I offer to write a devotion since I really enjoy it, and every year I keep it foremost on my mind and have a hard time finding a final focus until I get the writing in late. This year was no different. I’d originally read the readings and subsequently thought daily about what it means to be a capitalist, and a consumer, and a Christian.

Then the deadline came and passed, and I still didn’t think I had a good insight. I finally wrote this first draft, which had almost nothing to do with my original thought, but did apply to the reading, and it could have applies to almost any readings.

This is a prayer that was one of the few times I know God spoke through me while I prayed with someone else. The visuals are vivid and specific for me, very focused in my interest in Science Fiction. But it speaks well to me whenever I’m feeling directionless, overwhelmed, or happy. No matter what I’m feeling.

I have that one here. Tomorrow I’ll get to the final version.


Dear God,

You know every single moment of my life. You’ve known them before I was even a sparkle in my great grandfather’s great grandfather’s eye.

From before you made Adam in Eden you had a plan for my life. You figured out how you wanted me to live so that you could be known to the whole world. You planned out specific ways so that I can be an example for you.

At the exact same moment you knew that I would fail miserably. You saw that I would put other people and other things before you. You saw the times where I would live so far away from you that I barely considered you’re existence. You saw the many, many times that I would hurt someone, and deviate far away from your plan.

You gave me the gift of free will to decide how to live this life you’ve given me in whatever way I wanted. You have always helped to show me the right path that I should follow, and I know how many tears you’ve shed when I left that path. But you never give up.

While I’ve deviated from your plan, you’ve guided my course. You change the details of your grand plan to accommodate my missteps. You take all of my actions and use them to bring peace to the world. You laugh in utter joy when I work for you. No matter what I do for the rest of my life, you already know about it, and you still love me.

Lord, help me to love all of your children the same way you love me. Help me to look past any failings to recognize the jewel you see in each of us.

Thank you for this gift that is my life.


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