Monday, January 12, 2009

Learning: 1 Creativity: 0

Creativity by `CrisVector Friday at Rachel’s preschool, Kindercare, is Show and Share day. Last Friday Rachel wanted to bring a paint brush pen for show and share that she got in a goodie bag from a birthday party of a friend of hers. This brush pen is probably the best gift she’s gotten lately, she’s addicted to it.

Anyway, she said she was going to bring it in and tell people she would paint a dinosaur with it.

Now, this sounded a little weird, but I figured it was her explaining everything she’d do. They’re talking about dinosaurs in school, so it makes sense that she’d make the connection and draw a dinosaur.

Friday, when I picked her up from school, she told me that she wasn’t allowed to show her pen for show and share.

I was stunned. It turns out that because they are talking about dinosaurs, they’re only allowed to bring dinosaur things to show and share.

Now, Erin and I are a bit ticked that we weren’t informed of this. Thankfully Rachel doesn’t seem that upset, but I was sure irked. Apparently this week is dinosaurs…. or opposites, take our pick.

As I began to leave, fuming (I swear I will be a million times more upset than Rachel whenever she’s sad or been wronged), I remembered back to Rachel’s original statement that she was going to use the pen to draw a dinosaur.

Obviously she knew show and share had to be dinosaur related, and she figured out a way to make the pen related to that topic. I am still impressed and in love with Rachel’s ability to think outside the box and come up with creative, practical solutions to problems. Well, I love the solutions except when she’s avoiding whatever I want her to do, which only makes sense.

When I asked her teacher, who we really respect, about it, including the plan to draw dinosaurs with it, her answer was to simply say “it’s not dinosaurs.”

I guess we know now.

Thank goodness we still keep a house that thrives on creativity, thinking things through and finding unique solutions to everything. If you want some fun times try telling Rachel something’s not possible, she’ll come up with a million creative ways that it can be done.


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