Friday, November 21, 2008

Clearly, I’m a Programmer

I’ve been starting to use Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and XAML lately for developing. I still love the Web, but there’s something nice about what I expect is going to eventually supersede HTML in Web Browsers. And no, I don’t believe the browser will go away within the next twenty years, it will merely evolve until we no long user desktops for anything.

So, in searching out a problem I came across this great poem. I am definitely not an engineer when it comes to… well… anything.

A Poem on XAML

We programmers, as you know, have malformed brains.

Most of the time we tend to think like engineers,
but if you give a regular engineer a new tool,
the engineer will say
"Thank you for this interesting tool.
I will keep it in mind if a problem arises that seems to require it."
A programmer, on the other hand, given a tool like XAML,

starts to think:
"This is very cool.
I wonder what I can do with this
in the absence of all other tools.
What it would be like to live on Planet XAML?
How would I move around?
What would I eat?
How would I procreate?
And if the only tool I have is XAML,
what do the problems look like?"

Charles Petzold


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T2, checking in with you. Hoping all is good & well with you & yours, SS.