Thursday, October 16, 2008

Realizing Your Passion

finally here by ~cjames In church today Anne, our priest, made an interesting point about our church during her sermon (her big long talk in between music). When she was determining whether to join us as assistant rector, she called the bishop. The bishop is essentially the representative for our region, kind of like the House representative for your state. He responded that

St. Matthew’s gives more to missions, per capita, than any other church he knows of.

That in itself is wonderful. We had at least 100 people go on mission trips this year, not to mention the people who worked to organize and make it happen. But it got me thinking about what made this happen.

Our missions program happened because one person was passionate about the program and the entire church supported him in that passion. Leaders put money into it and individuals volunteered weeks of their year, again and again.

My own role at St. Matthew’s is a great example here. I love teaching and leading. Changing and molding lives into what god wants them to be is my second greatest passion, just behind being the best father and husband that I can be.

I was, and continue to be, encouraged to lead people and change lives. The church put forth more people and money than I can recall in supporting my dreams for the youth program, and it became a thing of wonder. Hundreds of people teens have been changed by the actions of our church.

Again and again our church encourages it’s people to live their passions. More than encouragement, a strong passion to live god’s word for us bring the entire church together.

Who do you have cheering you on and making your passions a reality? what can I do to help make it happen?


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