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Life Update

I don’t think I’ve ever actually given an update on what’s going on in my life here in the blog. That’s mainly because whatever I write about is generally what’s going through my head and either directly or indirectly related to what’s going on in my life. If you read carefully you’ll get a pretty decent picture of who I am, without some of the depressing parts (those are for personal conversations, thank you very much).

But then a week goes by, or a month, or multiple months, without any consistent posting. I figure it’s fair to give a quick update.

First, nothing earth shattering has happened. Work is going very, very well, though the company shall still remain nameless for fear of random stupidity misunderstanding from legal. It’s busy, pretty interesting, and I genuinely enjoy the people I’m working with. I also get to work from home a bit more, which is great.

I also stopped waking up at 5 a.m. Since Colin kept waking up in the middle of the night, or Rachel got up to go to the bathroom and came into our room (which I rarely can sleep after) it just got too hard. Too many Starbucks trips (heck, still too many really) made it clear I needed more sleep. Plus I’d get irritated when I’d get up at 5 to do stuff then be interrupted at 6 to have to watch Colin. So I decided for now, to sleep on in.

So, what about evening you ask? Well, over the past month or more, it’s been filled with working in front of the TV. There are some great shows, and with the writer strike we’ve been watching new stuff, like Eureka, Newhart (well, those are repeats) and Torchwood.

Right now I’m putting together a presentation on Microsoft.NET Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript, not cleaner or whatever else). So, mainly I’ve been so busy writing has taken a back seat.

Recently I’ve begun recognizing how much that’s been making my life feel out of control. When I’m writing I feel like I’m both contributing to the world, and I’m getting my thoughts in order. Without writing really, the only thing I have in order is my Getting Things Done to-do list in Remeberthemilk. By the way, Rememberthemilk (RTM) is incredibly worth it, and paired with Getting Things Done (and used regularly) is invaluable. Since RTM is free, it’s really great, though I do have the pro account to support them, though I sure with they had a Samsung Instinct version of their tool.

Besides all that there is stuff Rachel is doing. She has swimming Friday afternoon (Claude Moore Recreation Center), Dance/Gym (Little Gym) Saturday at noon and ice skating Sunday at noon (Ashburn Ice House). Man, you should see her skate. She’s not much to look at in class, but after class last week she and I did the free skate and skated for two hours straight without a break. She sped ahead of me, picked herself up when she fell (mostly on turns) and eventually had me show her how to spin with her arms in and her head moving with the spin.

On top of that last week she really swam by herself in the pool. It looked a little more like a controlled drown wince they don’t yet have the idea of lifting your face to the side to get air, but I’m so glad to know she is getting it.

I guess I should write about the rest of the family huh? Winnie is great. Slowly losing weight which is helping her walking since she hurt her foot a few years ago.

Oh yeah, the rest. Erin is good. Actually going to a church bible study, but you didn’t hear it from me. The down side is that I can’t go, which means I don’t get second dinners anymore, she does. Man I miss second dinners. But then I go to Starbucks to talk to people Thursday nights, so it’s worth it. Otherwise work for her is good.

Colin has been with grandma all summer, and goes back to preschool next week. He’s talking, but only just. He can identify Erin, Rachel and I and point to us, which is great. He says “Elmo” when he wants to watch TV, though now he says “Backpack” during Dora, so we have his education through Television well under way. He will say down, get down, up, and daddy. There are others if we say them first that he will repeat.

Anyway, that’s been life. Very busy with very little writing. But it’s really a great life.



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