Monday, October 20, 2008


Kate and Emily after licorice ice cream! In college I found a real “relationship” with Jesus. I remember feeling alone and a bit down and was out walking on the beach during a campus ministry retreat. I felt someone’s hand in mine, and we walked together for a while. I could scream about how hard life is, how hard it is to believe in Him, and still feel comforted with the arms around me. From that point on I’ve always recognized that Jesus is my best friend, and always there even if I ignore him for a while. I’m always the most important thing to his heart, just as each of us are.

I also recognized, and continue to figure out, what friendship means. If we are best friends, then I really need to make him proud of me, just as I’m proud of him. I need to change my life in a way that people know who my friends are, and why.

So, I loved coming across this quote from one of my previous students, but more importantly, my friend, Kate:

It suddenly struck me today how personal of a friend Jesus is. Because, okay, I knew he was my friend. "Oh yeah, like, Jesus is my friend and he loves me, you know, like, just the way I am. And that's so awesome, because like, he died for me." But if Jesus was my friend, that means he likes my lemon bars and he thinks my jokes are funny and he would tell me if there was a bug in my hair. Which is a ridiculous thought. In a good way!

You should check out her entire post Ramblings and maybe a little bit of revelation.

In years of teaching youth ministry, I’ve never been able to fully communicate that. It can’t be forced, we just have to get there on our own. I am planning to think more on this and figure out how to make it more real to people, probably through examining our own friendships, as flawed as they may be. And, truthfully, our part of the friendship will never quite live up.

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