Monday, October 13, 2008

Espresso Yourself

Via Venezia Espresso Machine by Starbucks Coffee Erin and I finally took the plunge. We realized over $9 three or four days a week for coffee was ridiculous. So we bought the cheapest, well-rated, espresso machine we could find.

for what it’s worth, the Starbucks barista was incredibly helpful in the purchase and offered to walk us through exactly what he does and help us through the fine art of frothing milk.

So, the only question left is, what flavors do we try? Does anyone have a great syrup mix that they love?



Unknown said...

I don't, necessarily, but was wondering what maker it is.

Tom said...

You drink coffee all the time, how can you not have a favorite flavor?

Anyway, the one we bought was the Via Venezia Espresso maker by Starbucks. So far it's been great, and we get espresso in about 5 minutes and it's been tasting great.

I'd also recommend checking out How to Steam Milk for Espresso and How to Make a Latte Using a Starbucks Barista Espresso Maker.

Unknown said...

I am particularly partial to Hazelnut, but it is not particularly good for everyday drinking because it can get old very quickly.

I also like French Vanilla... okay, I LOVE French Vanilla. I think they also have a mocha pump flavor that is good.

Irish cream is WONDERFUL as well.

Since you asked.

Cindy said...

I know a lot of people that are switching to the home coffee rather than buying at a coffee shop.

Since I don't like coffee, I love Chai Tea. I've bought the kind that my favorite coffee shop uses and also a bottle of vanilla flavoring - found at World Market.

The thing is - it's never quite the same. But so much cheaper!

When I get steamed milk, I get it with almond flavoring.