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Diary of a Dream Journal

It’s day 3 of my reincarnation, and I have to say that strange things are afoot in dreamland.  I vaguely remember having some sort of existence years ago, when my dreamer was in college, but can’t recall a single thing he wrote.  I sure hope it was more interesting than this stuff that is now filling my pages, shaping my view of the world.

Things are either incredibly boring, or new career ideas are afoot.

Check this one out:

I ate bourbon chicken from Let’s Dish and popcorn during Live Free or Die Hard.

Read “The Terror” by Dan Simmons before sleeping

Up at 6:26
I know I dreamt something about a big-screen TV and another about work or a coffee maker, but I can’t remember them.

Puhleese, how boring can you get?  If this is what I have in my near future, just throw me into the fire now.  Using me as paper for the bird cage would be preferable to this boredom.

Then I get nights with tons of dreams (four dreams two nights ago), one even a bit interesting, if in a psychadelic sort of way.  Here’s this one:

Ate BBQ pork loin from Let’s Dish and carrots afterward Read “The Terror” before sleeping

Up around 4:30
I woke up with the radio alarm coming on.

I dreamt that I was driving home and saw some fireworks going off. I was then walking along the back of my house, which seemed to be a townhouse. There were lots of huge fireworks going off and I was wondering if Erin was watching them from our bedroom.

The next thing I knew I was driving down the road during the day. I drove up to a white car that was flipped on its roof. I drove by slowly, behind another person, and saw it was a police car. I was going to just drive call 911 but the car in front of me pulled over, so I decided I should too to see if I could help. I dialed 911 and got out of the car. As I began walking back I somehow saw the accident on TV and the man in the leading car was talking on his phone to someone at 911 about how he could see the cop waving. Then it seemed the cop was ok and I was I was then watching the scene on TV as people arrived to help.

See how he jumps from the car to walking to having a townhouse that is somehow detached? Plus a car wreck to boot! Obviously he’s on drugs, but that doesn’t make it somewhat interesting.

Then last night after he goes to see Dark Knight he comes back with imaginations of grandeur. It must be the large popcorn and soda he chugged down at 2 a.m.

7/17/2008 asleep at 7:15
I had dinner at Potbelly after Rachel finished ice skating class. I’m going to wake up at 10:30 to see Dark Knight.

Up at 5:30 to my alarm

I dreamt that I was in a community center walking down the hall and came across a room with people from church meeting, but no one was talking. Lots of people were in the room, none of whom I recognized, though it was a Reverence committee meeting. There were three or four rows of seats rising higher like bleachers or an auditorium with tables in front or, really, like a house committee hearing room. There was also a stage up front with a few people, the “designated leaders,” really making decisions. I went in and the room was silent, they had topics to discuss but no one would agree on anything. They didn’t really have a focus for the Reverence committee and everyone was bored.

I went and got people moving more. When people began getting “interested” I saw that we had corded microphones and needed cordless or something, since the corded microphones meant that not everyone could be heard. We gathered three of the mics together at the top of the seats for people to talk into.

People began talking and getting passionate about things… and disagreeing. It was good to see everyone having an opinion and sharing it, but soon people became upset and angry. People cared about Reverence and were glad to share their feelings openly, but they still had no direction. People raised their voices and I couldn’t get them to listen.

I gave people small sheets of paper to write out the focus of Reverence and the meeting itself. While people wrote down what they want Reverence to be, the question came up and people began arguing about structure and leadership. People put an org chart together and wanted to know where the decision making power [I originally wrote command] came from. I grabbed a sheet and began to draw a circle but someone else brought up the Target symbol (red with one circle around a center dot). I was the dot in the center, a leader shaping the decision making of the outer circle, which is where the people (committee members) were. Every person in the room was at the same level. The circle had “designated leaders” at the same level [and power] as everyone else. Decision making carried equal weight and equal responsibility.

I wasn’t the focus, or even a part of the group. The leaders were the people in the circle, the dot in the center was the meeting director, uninvolved in decision making and instead focused on keeping the circle moving, caring about their path and decisions as they continued around forever.

Then I got a flip chart, moved it to the center of the room, and people began giving their ideas on committee direction. I didn’t get to write any down. Something happened, I don’t remember what, and the dream ended.

If this keeps up I’m putting in for hazard pay.

Peace, or at least a sleepless night,
+Tom’s dream journal


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