Saturday, July 26, 2008


Willy, NO swimming and talking on your cell phone! (by ucumari) When two people are in a conversation, in reality, one person is talking, expressing their feelings on “whatever” and the other is listening.

Often the shy, quiet people are good at being the listener, sharing a little bit about themselves, but mostly waiting patiently while the talker discusses their life.

What’s interesting is that most often the person talking the most isn’t actually driving the conversation. More often the listener will add in a single question or comment that gets the talker to expand on one area. Most often it’s the listener that drives the conversation down a specific path or line of thought.

In most cases the person talking don’t even realize it.

We often think of the “talker” as the person dominating the conversation. It’s interesting that the person who dominates actually has the least control over what they are doing.

How often have you realized that the times you feel most in control, are also the times someone else is pulling the strings?


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