Monday, July 14, 2008

Childhood Dreams

Rachel, Lydia and Ms. MaryLee playing with toys I asked Rachel what she dreamt about last night, and here is what she said.

I dreamt that we were at school just looking around. Ms. MaryLee was there and she was playing with our toys. She was our size.

When I asked if she had any other dreams this is another one from the same night.

I dreamt about a puppy that didn’t bite. He said “I don’t bite” and I said “ok.” I didn’t pet him.

Sometimes I wonder how much she makes up on the fly (she is great at making up stories and imagining things) and how much is actually from a dream.  In either case though, these made me want to start up my dream journal again that I once put together for a psychology class in college.

And yes, Rachel did say dreamt and not dreamed, my kids grammar is better than your kids :)


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