Monday, June 23, 2008

Her Fathers Daughter

2008-06-05 - Kindercare Open House_0041 Tonight we had a fundraiser at Baja Fresh for our church mission trips.  Essentially lots of people came to Baja Fresh and 15% of the money spent went to St. Matthew’s.  I got there and had my dinner and chatted with a few people.  Then there was my daughter.

Once a few people she knew from church showed up, you couldn’t keep her down.  She went to one friend, hugged her, talked, and came back for a bite before moving back to the conversation, or moving on to another friend.  There’s only one way I could describe it…

She was working the room.

She would go from one pre-schooler to another, talking, hugging, then moving back for a bite or two.  She had every kid under 5 talking to her, and she clearly was interested in each one of them for the people they were (and so she could get some attention, hey, she’s four).

Man, she reminded me of myself.  I loved it!


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