Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cheeburger Cheeburger Follow-Up

I mentioned a while ago about the service we received at a visit to Cheeburger Cheeburger.  Within a day or two of posting the message John, the manager of the store, hunted down my e-mail (using my AIM name associated with this blog profile) and got in contact to make things right.  He sent an incredibly thoughtful and professional letter back, which I described a little in an earlier post.  It's great to say that our follow-up visit was excellent, and a lot of fun.

While John certainly spent a lot of time to make sure everything was good, we also had what is possibly their best waiter, Ernesto.  He had no idea we were "special" in any way, and still spent a lot of time making sure everything was great.  Joking, checking, suggesting and all around making the visit lively and fun.

Ernesto lightly corrected our 14 month-old Colin when he was putting his mouth on the table, telling him that if he eats the table there won't be any place for the food.  He also joked with Rachel and tried to make her feel comfortable, which is much harder to do (apparently we've done a good job teaching her to avoid strange men).

We splurged and got a couple different shakes.  I finally got a cookie dough shake, which was excellent.  Rachel had strawberry banana which she liked, but preferred mine.  From chatting with the manager I found out the list of shakes had 85 different flavors, and that they would soon be adding another 15 or 20.  Can you imagine having over 100 choices?  I'm already overwhelmed...  especially since you can combine flavors.

At our Cheeburger Cheeburger they have five flavors of dip for the Frings (onion rings and fries).  I was disappointed during our New Jersey visit when they only had two flavors, not including my favorite, habanero jelly (like sweet and sour, not hot at all).  Turns out they are somewhat new and the additional flavors will be nationwide soon.

Back to the basics, the food came out quickly and tasted great!  Both of our burgers were good, but I sure can't eat a 1/2 pound burger anymore.

While the meal and tip was paid for, Ernesto and the service was so good we still left a huge tip in the end.  While I enjoyed Cheeburger Cheeburger before, this visit made our experience even better.

The only thing I wish for was that someone would buy one of their shirts for me.  Then, when you wear the T-shirt you get a free soda.  I have to tell you, a free soda any time, any where is sure worth the fifteen bucks or so.  I just keep wondering how they made a deal with every store and restaurant to give me a free soda when I wear their shirt.

All is back and right with the world.


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