Sunday, May 11, 2008


TimeTube is a pretty great way to show a connected string of data.  If you run a search it will show you all YouTube videos along that timeline.

During college I met Bjarne Stroustrup (the guy who created C++) who talked a lot about his thoughts on how best to display data.

Cool, short side-story there.  I went to meet with my professor and Bjorne was sitting in the office waiting as well.  So the two of us talked for a while about family, his life, and anything that came to mind.  It was one of the most memorable times for me, though I'm sure he'd never remember.  Also cool was that when he signed our books later he drew a cool landscape picture around his message and name.

Essentially he had the idea of taking connected data and showing colored "blocks" of that information on a screen.  As you click blocks it shows you the information in a side bar.  The real insight here isn't in the display, so much as the idea that we are visual people and need a way to visually connect and find related information.  TimeTube does a decent job of that.

If only it would tie in things beyond YouTube, like Flickr, other video sites or even files on my desktop.


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