Thursday, May 22, 2008

SQL Debugging Tidbit of the Day

debug version 2 (by Franz Patziq) For the most part I generate stored procedures from Visual Studio (I'm a huge fan of typed datasets. . .  get over it) and edit them in SQL Server Enterprise Manager.  This gives me the parameters and linkages easily while letting me gut the innards and make it all do what I want.  While I know Toad for SQL is great, I tend to forget about it and go back to Enterprise Manager.

Well, one of the things I just discovered was that if you receive a compilation error for a procedure or view, you can double-click the text and it will highlight the row in the code that throws the error.

SQL Debugging Tidbit

This is pretty intuitive and I can't believe I didn't think of it before.  Just seeing that text without a table format led me to think it wasn't possible.  I do like the Enterprise Manager 2005 interface though, and I'm glad to see Microsoft recognize people are using it to do some light development.


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