Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nails on the Run follow-up

2007-06-27 - Rachel & Grandma Cindy Painting Nails 037 (by tlbignerd) I just got this comment on my older post Million Dollar Ideas #4: Nails on the Run.

Hi Tom,
Funny you posted this idea, because my mom and I started a mobile nail salon that travels to businesses, parties, special events, etc. We are called a Nails on the Run and located in Corona, California. We started our business in November 2007, but has been in the planning for a year prior to this - and is so far a growing success! Our website should be out this week:

Amie Beard
Nails on the Run

I'm not sure which makes me happier, that someone else also had the idea, or that they even used the same name I came up with.  In any case, I sure wish I lived in California right now.  If you do happen to live there, go check it out.

Heck, sounds like a great road trip destination!


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