Monday, May 26, 2008

Cosmic Jokes

An Avian Perspective (by Akril15) While Rachel was playing Go Diego Go: Safari Rescue on our Wii (without a doubt the best game for our 4 year old) they talked about the Plover.  This is a bird whose claim to fame is that it will stand inside a crocodile's open mouth and clean off it's teeth.

Seriously, how many plovers got to meet their maker before the crocodile realized that this little bird was helping him out? Heck, how desperate was the plover for food before he decided to walk into an open mouth for food?

Or is this all because crocodiles are inherently lazy and don't care if chicken (er plover) nuggets hop right into their mouths?

What ridiculous ideas are out there that seem to make absolutely no sense. . . until they become incredibly beneficial to all?


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