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Where Do I Turn in My Sci-Fi Membership Card?

Darth Vader mask from While I was home sick the last two days I decided to have a Star Wars Marathon (if you can count 2 - 3 movies a day a marathon).  I went from Episode I straight through to Episode VI, and unfortunately I've come to only one conclusion. . .

The first three movies are much better than the last three.

I know, I know.  Where does he get the gall to make such a statement?  How could anyone think that?  Three words. . . Jar Jar Binks, clearly Episode I - III are worthless for just that name.

The thing in, the stories were just so much better and deeper.  Multiple plot lines were going on and you got a clear idea of the entire environment where problems were unfolding.

Sure, the senate was for too focuses on Naboo, but the discussion around the fall of Democracy is reminiscent of just how long it takes to make any decision, and how even mistakes can be endorsed by the majority.

Watching Episodes IV - VI (the one's from the 70's and 80's) there are two plots.  Destroy the Death Star v1 and the second beta.  Han and Leah fall in love.  Luke becomes a Jedi.

Here are the plot lines in Episodes I - III.  Protect a democracy.  Understand the Jedi way.  Find the Dark Lord.  The student grows and lets his emotions and misunderstanding draw him to the Dark Side.  Disagreeing factions of a planet join for one cause, and remain joined.  All Jedi die.  The confusion of who built two armies, and any, coming together to one master plan.  Who is pulling the trade federations strings.  Anakin and Padme fall in love and have kids.  Freeing slaves.

And that's just some of them.  There are really tons of different story lines going on, and they all come together really well.  It made for longer movies, but I prefer that.  I love character development, and the prequel episodes had far more character development than Episodes IV - VI.

I won't belabor this point any longer.  Sufficed to say that I grew up on the original Episodes, and they still hold a place in my heart.  But, truly, Episodes I - IV are superior.

Now it's time to re-watch all the Star Trek movies and see which are truly the best (Besides Episode IV - The Voyage Home which always wins. . . Like that I knew that from memory).



Anonymous said…
I don't know what to say ... I couldn't read beyond: "The thing is, the stories were just so much better and deeper".

I question your judgement on everything now.

A sad, sad day.
Cindy said…
I didn't like any of episodes 1-3. And I felt like Darth Vader (whatever his name was before he was that) went evil way too quickly. It took like 10 minutes and he started killing kids and Samuel L Jackson (notice I have a problem remembering names...)

My favorite one growing up was 6 because it had the Ewoks. I loved them. I even wrote them a letter. I'm sure if I watched it now, I might have a change of heart.

As for Star Trek movies - I still haven't seen the first one, but for my money, I really like 2 and 4. The TNG ones haven't been all that great, but maybe the next one will be pretty good. With JJ Abrams making it, at least it will have great special effects.

Now, wanna talk Battlestar Galatica?? :) Is Starbuck a Cylon?

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