Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ponderables - Meat Processing Plants

Houston Rodeo - meat processing image by sikeri I was just thinking about bone-in pork chops (I love pork chops, since I was allergic to everything but pork I ate well).  Those saws which cut through bone and meat at meat processing plants (or even the grocery store) must be incredibly sharp and strong.

I'd be willing to bet they don't really encounter nay resistance cutting through a cow bone, and since cows are so big, they must have strong bones, right?

That got me pondering. . . If you worked in a meat processing plant would it be easy to dispose of a body?  Seriously, just do the deed then throw him (or her) under the saw a few times and it's be easy to scatter the evidence, right?

Now, me entire knowledge of meat processing plants comes from The Simpsons and Robin Cook's Toxin, so I'm clearly no expert.

But you can't help but wonder. . .  What if?

All I know is that I'll be respecting my grocery store butcher more now.


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Missa said...

Odd post....sent shivers down my spine. John's been hooked on this show, Dexter, i'm watching it with him, it's hard for me. I like the character, he's seems like a good guy, but what he does to rid of bad guys is just morbid, why couldn't he just shoot them and be done like a regular viligante (sp), so I hate that i kind of liek the's just weird.

Same for Sweeny todd, why on earth is there a musical/play based on what it is???