Sunday, April 13, 2008

Leaning Positive

Don't worry be happy new year by Dapper Chris, a parent at church, always, always, always pays me a compliment.  Even today during the sermon there was a statement about kind people or something, and she whispered my name, meaning it was something I did and she appreciated. Almost every week I see her she pays me a compliment. 

For at least 3 years this has been going on.  Get's pretty repetitive and mundane, right?

The funny thing is, it never gets mundane.  In fact, every time she says it I find myself pausing in whatever I'm doing for a second and smiling.

Every compliment makes me thankful that I've been in the positions I've had at church, and makes me feel like I am both useful and have made a real difference in multiple people's lives.

I wonder if I build people up the same way.  I try to compliment people a lot on both the big and little things things they do.  Sometimes I wonder if it's too much, and someone will think I'm being disingenuous.

Having someone like Chris though helps me realize just how important and meaningful constant positive reinforcement is.  People lean toward the negative, and having positive, specific reinforcement always, always, always brings me to lean positive.


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