Friday, April 11, 2008

I Still Miss Rose

Since I'm on some kind of TV craziness, Doctor Who is coming back April 18th.  Yet another show that has been gone for far too long. . . but then a week is even too long when it comes to Doctor Who.  So, in that theme I was very excited, but could also safely guess, which doctor Who character I am.

What Doctor Who character are you? (Tenth Doctor mainly)
created with
You scored as Rose Tyler

You are Rose Tyler! You are very kind, adventurous and brave. You are not afraid to face the unknown and with the Doctor you can make it through most anything. You are very close to the doctor and you two get along wonderfully.

Rose Tyler


The Doctor


Martha Jones


Jackie Tyler


Donna Noble


Captain Jack


Mickey Smith


The Master


I still ache that rose left the show.  Craziness, I think not.  I've somehow since become obsessed with Billie Piper, and only wish the Doctor had truly had a chance to tell her his feelings.


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