Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gone Trollin'

Fishing Trip by tlbignerd Yesterday I went out fishing with a couple friends.  We had a pretty relaxed day, we even got there an hour early, due to a minor miscommunication from Rob, our fearless leader and me, our driver, meaning we had time for a great lunch with fried fish, crab cakes, key lime pie and Steelhead bites (lightly breaded fish bites, great stuff!).

Now, this was a fishing trip out on a boat.  Anyone whose known me for a few years may remember my previous fishing boat experiences.  The first time I threw up near the beginning and was fine the rest of the day.  The second trip I puked the whole day.  I lay down the whole time and could barely stand, let alone ever reel in a fish.

This time I was prepared.  I ate nothing since dinner the night before, and drank very little, some water and a not-so-good Thai Iced Tea.  I had nausea acupressure wrist bands on an hour before leaving and had my pack of Dramamine.  The weather was great, very little wind, meaning very little rocking, so I was ready for a barf free day.

Then, did you notice lunch up above?

Okay, thankfully, I actually didn't throw up.  I got a bit nauseous around 4, took two Dramamine and sat a bit. A little while, and one short nap of dreaming about classes and programming later I felt great again.

Lighthouse by tlbignerd This really was a fun trip.  There were six guys, including myself, and while we didn't catch a ton of fish, each of us got to reel in at least two.  As my friend Mason mentions in his Striped Bass Fishing post, sometimes it was just more fun to take pictures than to catch fish, though I also preferred just sitting and watching the water (and a cool low flying helicopter near an airport).

Fish by tlbignerd I caught two fish, a 37 inch and 36 inch bass.  To my wife's appreciation, it was pre-season so it was catch and release only.  But man we caught some huge and pretty fish.

Next time I think I'd go stream fishing, I just prefer the feeling that I'm really fishing instead of just reeling.  But there's something to be said for others doing all the work and I get to just enjoy the glory :)

There's really something to be said for just taking a day off and checking out of life for a while with some friends, and a few people you barely know.  It's always worth leaving life behind for a bit.

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