Monday, April 14, 2008


Easter by stmatthews One of my favorite seasons is, without a doubt, turtleneck season. . .  but that's a story for another day.

In the church calendar, my favorite and most memorable time of year is Easter.  It's far, far better than Christmas in my book, but don't tell Santa that.

There's something about parading in with palms on Palm Sunday.  Growing up we paraded from a park about three blocks away.  It was sometimes cold (I remember the pond being frozen over one year) always exciting.

easter by stmatthewsAfter Palm Sunday we head into a week of, what can only be described as, silence.  The altar (that big table in the middle) is stripped bare and the church is empty.

At no time of the year is Jesus more on my mind than around Easter.  I think constantly about his life, his death, and that it means I get a free pass into heaven and a friend to hold my hand.

Then, Sunday and color!  From the flowers to the Easter eggs, the entire world comes alive.

easter by stmatthews This Easter was no different.  Heck, it was almost better because I took part in our sunrise service where we lit a huge fire in the middle of the woods and parade back into church.  Sounds dangerous, I know, but once the trees burn down to glowing embers, it's really quite beautiful.

All this is to say, we have pictures from our Easter service up on the Web site finally.  You should definitely check them out (there's even one of me).  I hope your Easter was a filled with color and life as mine is.


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