Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Best Life Ever

Sick Bento 2 by Sakurako Kitsa There's nothing like being incredibly sick for a few days to help you realize just how incredible a life you really have. 

I got the flu this weekend, and I think it was about the most sick I've been in a really, really long time.  When I went to the doctor yesterday (yes, I went to the doctor for the flu, and she gave me this wonderful Robitussin . . . with codeine.  Did you know they made such a wonderful combination, I've been loopy for a day) she mentioned that this year the flu shot was only about 40% effective this year.  Apparently we were due since it was incredibly effective the previous two years.  We're so lucky.

In any case, I slept horrible Saturday night, and when I got up at 6 in the morning to Colin crying, all I could do was stumble to the guest room where Erin and Rachel were sleeping (apparently my tossing and turning all night can make it hard to sleep.  Go figure) and tell Erin.  After that I began graying around the fringes (passing out) and stumbled to the bathroom for a long bath to equalize my body a little.  I missed church, and instead spent the entire day in bed.  I don't mean that figuratively, I was awake for a total of maybe 2 hours.

Sounds like a pretty crappy day, right?  Yeah, it was.

It was also one of the best.  And the last two have been even better.

Erin's mom came over and watched Colin all day, so I didn't have to even think or react to his noises, good or bad.  Rachel ran in after church to see if I was ok, and "helped" mom and Grandma without being asked (and often without the parental desire actually).

The next day Rachel continued to help out, and came into bed with me at 7 to give me a big hug to make me feel better.  when Colin came in he crawled across the bed with the biggest grin.

All during the last two days I've been looking around my house and thinking about the life my kids and wife bring to it.  I'm excited to be a father, and wish I could explain the feeling that clicks when you have kids (well, it took a few months for me for the click to happen fully - after the blob phase).

Erin continually checked in on me and brought anything I asked for.  She also planned to take over some of the set-up for Colin's birthday party and mowing the lawn.

When I look at 90% of the world and realize they can't even have a nice, warm, clean bath when they're sick, it's clear how blessed I am in the simple things.  Then I recognize that I can just take two days off of work with no consequences, and have a family which will let me not exist for a while, and I begin to realize that I have everything I've ever dreamed of, and more.

I hope this doesn't come off as an "I'm better than you are" message.  I know many other people, often friends, who are just as blessed as I am.  More than anything I hope this helps us recognize just how great our lives truly are, if only  because we have a roof over our heads tonight.


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