Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Lone Server

I had all kinds of deep ideas of something to write about.  Then my friend Joe sent me this recent "ad" campaign Microsoft is doing for Windows Server 2008 called the Lone Server.  It's all about the last Windows Server 2003 at Microsoft.

The video is just incredible and kept me laughing.  My personal favorite line:

Windows 2003: What's this?

Windows 2000: It's a blue screen.  Makes you forget everything.

Windows 2003: You know I never did that kind of stuff.  Windows Server 2003, always mister reliable, mister responsible.  Never the fun one.

I love the idea that the blue screen of death is actually the "fun and excitement" you get from Windows.

Even if you care nothing about technology, you should definitely check out the 3 minute video version, it has a great description of Windows Me, and where it belongs. . . cleaning toilets (if I'd even trust it to do that correctly).

Oh yeah, we'll be upgrading the church to Windows Server 2008, be ready!  And I've made sure to make Windows Server 2003 my friend in Facebook, sounds like he needs a few friends right now.


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