Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm Only Second Place

Putting Rachel down tonight we had the following conversation:

Me: You're safe in here.  I'll be right outside, and you know Jesus is here with you.

Rachel: Yeah, and God too.

Me: Yep.

Rachel: Jesus can pat my back.  But if he doesn't know how he can ask his dad to show him.  He pats Colins back too, right?

I was then shooed out of the room because God, Jesus and Santa wanted a chance to pay her back and were waiting in line behind me.  I guess that if someone is better at back-patting than I am, I shouldn't be upset that it's Santa, God and Jesus.

Soon after that Rachel said:

Ruffles and Rika leapt up high too.

Referring to our poodle Rika who we had to put to sleep yesterday (more on that later), and her brother Ruffles who was put to sleep a few months ago.  $5 to the first person who guesses the musical reference Rachel mentions (My wife Erin isn't allowed to guess).

We may not be the best parents in the world, but I have to think we're getting the god message down. 



Cindy said...

Oh - I'm sorry to hear about Rika. :(

Missa said...

poor poor Rika, i had the honor of meeting her once ;(