Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So Long Joe

Coach Joe Gibbs by littlerottenrobinI got a message early this morning and just finished an article from the Washington Post that Joe Gibbs Resigns as Redskins Head Coach.  I'm really going to miss having Gibbs around, watching the plays seemed fun and there's been a lot of stuff this season I hadn't seen before.

That being said, I'm glad he's making the decision to leave on his own.  It's so much worse when the coach is forced to resign or tries to keep the job going after they've lost the heart.

I met Raleigh McKenzie during the Redskins player of the year dinner back in December.  He was sitting beside me at our dinner table and we ended up talking for quite a while.

While others at the table talked to him about football and the good ol' days, he and I talked more about his kids and his career right now.

He's working as a 4th grade teacher and loves his class.  He also coaches the Herndon high school football team, his son's football team and his daughter's basketball team, I think.  It's been a while and some of the details are getting a little fuzzy.

I was struck by the way that, while Raleigh ended his NFL career with a different team (Green Bay Packers), he returned to Washington to retire as a Redskin because of the fans' commitment to the team.  He's also made a life after football which continues to use his strengths.  That made me more excited than anything he said about football.

Just as Raleigh has moved on from football and made a life anyone would be proud of, I'm excited to see Joe Gibbs recognize what is important to him and decide to give up something he lives for something he loves even more.

He'll be in my prayers.


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