Friday, January 11, 2008

Ponderables - Cylons, Base Ships and Gravity

Why is it that the Cylons have gravity on their base stars?  Especially on the old series where they are all complete robots.  Wouldn't it be cheaper to let them just float where they need to go, or use magnets in their feet?

No need to build ladders or anything.

In that same vein, why is there oxygen?  Though maybe they just pump that in whenever they have humans on board.

Something to think about all day, huh?



Cindy said...

Speaking of Cylons - what did you think of Razr? or the fact that 4 of the cylons were shown on the last regular episode? I thought the XO was a good choice (by the writers) since he is such an outspoken cylon hater. He of course has to be one!

Since that one guy is a cylon ( I can't remember any names, I'm horrible at that), that means there is another human/cylon baby.

And who is the 5th cylon?

I love this show. I'm sad that there is only one more season. Jeff and I only got into it when Alex was born. We were tivo-ing shows to watch throughout the day when we were too tired to do anything. We watched a lot of bad stuff, but this show turned out to be pretty good.

Jess said...

if i remember correctly (which I probably dont) they explained when gaius (sp?) was on the cylon ship that he saw things differently than they did... so perhaps we dont know what the inside of the ship really looks like. but I could just be making all that up.

And WHY??? did they push the new season back until March? Especially with the writers strike, you'd think they'd really benefit from having new episodes on now.