Thursday, December 13, 2007

Million Dollar Ideas #4: Nails on the Run

With the coming of Winter, and dry-weather season, my fingers become a mess. My cuticles get dry, cracked and hurting and my nails seem to be more brittle or crack more easily.  In the end, my fingers becomes something I don't really want to be showing off to people I've just met and work clients (I'm anal about appearances, who knew?  Well, besides my friend Taylor).  A couple years back I found out that going to a nail salon every two weeks to a month heals up my fingers and feels great. 

Of course, I've been letting that slide quite a bit lately, and my fingers are again hurting a bit.  Unfortunately, I don't have much time now to go get my nails done, which takes about 30 to 45 minutes, and I began thinking about how I could probably take the time during lunch some day at work.  Except . . .  There aren't any nail salons within walking distance of work.

I have to think that a traveling nail salon would make a ton of business.  Call it something like Meeting Nails or Nails on the Run.  We'd focus on either traveling to offices or strategically placing upscale nail salons (similar to beauty salons for hair) close by or inside of office buildings.  It wouldn't have neon or be cheesy, simply a very professional appearance for those of us who get to work with a few chipped nails and find out they have to meet a client in 4 to 6 hours, and need a quick fix.

Now, I have no nail painting experience except when I dressed up as a girl in high school, and even then someone else painted my nails.  So clearly I'm not going to be executing this idea, but it just seems to make sense.

Our company has a traveling barber which will come to the building every week or so for appointments.  I've heard of some companies providing in office/cube haircuts or massages as a benefit.  I can't imagine why an in-office nail salon wouldn't work, so long as you can find chemicals that won't smell up the office for the rest of the day.

No pedicures please :)



Cindy said...

There are all kinds of on the go businesses. You can get a massage, get your dog groomed. I even saw a portable auto shop. Your car needs to be fixed? We drive out there with all out tools and fix it while you work. How convenient is that??

I had to have my windshield replaced several years ago, and they came to my work. It was great.

There are the sandwich people that go door to door selling food to businesses. I think that is more NYC, but could work in DC I think.

I think Nails on the Go is a great idea. It should only be simple nails though - no airbrushing or other stinky stuff like acrylic nails.

You should sell your idea to someone. But, you just gave it away for free. Hehe.

Missa said...

you used to get your nails done? I heard that Arnold Swartz gets pedicures.

Unknown said...

Hi Tom,
Funny you posted this idea, because my mom and I started a mobile nail salon that travels to businesses, parties, special events, etc. We are called a Nails on the Run and located in Corona, California. We started our business in November 2007, but has been in the planning for a year prior to this - and is so far a growing success! Our website should be out this week:

Amie Beard
Nails on the Run