Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jesus and Santa

I came across this video looking for loops for our Christmas pageant.  The video is great, and worth watching through.  I have to be impressed that while they sell the video to show in church, they've also made it open for anyone to view on YouTube.  Seems like a great idea to get the video seen by as many people as possible and encourage you to buy it to share.


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Cindy said...

That's a cool video. It's cool that there is a company out there that makes these types of videos. Hopefully they aren't too pricey to be out of the reach of the people who want to use them.

I was watching Jay Leno last night, and he was doing JayWalking. He asked what did Santa bring to the birth of Jesus, and the lady started thinking, and said - Well, he flew on his reindeer and brought presen.... Wait, I don't think he was there."

It was funny and sad at the same time.