Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happiness and Sadness

While surfing Flickr for the photo in my previous post, I came across some others which I can't help but share.  The first is this one on the right of Jesus, the caption, "Jesus shopping for a nail puller..."  Come on, that has got to make you smile.  there are some other interesting photos by Professional Recreationalist worth checking out.

Then I came across this next image. With the title "I Hurt Myself Today."

Poking around a little more I came across this picture, which is downright hard to look at and made me stop, think, and pray for a bit.

The description for these photos does a better job than I could.

...we had a little chat. She wasn't too keen on her family seeing her like this. The local TV crews have been sneaking up on the street community, trying to get candid shots - but it's pissing off the street community and making my job harder. Voyeurs and Rubber Neckers - reporting the news - for profit.

She likes photography and I gave her a link to my photos. We both lived in Deadmonton, Alberta - but she was lucky to have only lived there for a short while - unlucky that most of it was on the street. I only lived on the street a short while in Deadmonton.

I wonder how such a pretty girl survives on the street.

Interestingly, all of these photos are by the same person.

I wonder what she's doing this Christmas season, and how we can reach out to her or others who are alone?


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