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Flying to School

Rachel, Colin, daddy and mommy were in daddy's van driving to school.  While they were driving down the road Rachel chatted with Colin while he looked out the window as the world passed by.  Rachel started looking out of her own window to see what was so interesting.

While she was looking out the window Rachel saw something white fly past the car.  She kept looking and the white streak slowed down and came right up along side the car.

"Look mommy, an angel!" Rachel called out.

As soon as she called out, the car began to lift off of the ground.

Daddy looked out the window and saw that there were four angels, one for each of them in the car.  Each person had their own angel.  One was holding the car beside Rachel, another holding the car beside Colin.  There was another one holding up the front of the car and another holding the back.  The angel's wings beat powerfully in the air as the van rose higher and higher into the sky.

They could see the ground falling away as they rose high up into the sky.  As they flew up they came alongside an airplane coming in for a landing.  The people on the plane stared out and waved at Rachel and everyone in the car.  They all waved back, smiling and laughing.

Then the plane was gone and they soared even higher up in the sky.  Up into the clouds.  they were inside a cloud, with the white mist all around them.  Rachel reached out to touch the cloud, but her hand ran into the window first.  Colin reached for the window, but just couldn't reach far enough.

The soon broke through the clouds and began to slow.  The angels gently brought the van down to rest right on the top of a big, white, fluffy cloud.  The cloud was holding up the van!

The angels opened the car doors and beckoned them out.  Daddy and mommy looked scared.  Colin smiled and laughed at his angel while Rachel happily jumped out of the seat and out onto the cloud, standing firmly.  Daddy and mommy hopped out of the car and looked around.

Even though they were way up in the sky, there was only a gentle breeze blowing past them.  The weather was warm and they felt wonderful.  Standing in front of them was a huge, beautiful golden gate.  They walked up to the gate and wondered out to get in.

Soon the gates opened and someone was all in light and coming toward them.  As they got closer Rachel recognized both Santa Claus and Jesus coming toward them.  She ran up and hugged both of them.

Mommy asked, "Where are we?"

Jesus replied, "Can't you guess?"

"We're in Heaven!" Colin called out.

Up in heaven everyone understood what Colin said when he talked.

Jesus swept his arm around and asked if they'd like to take a tour of Heaven.

To their right they saw a carnival.  As they got closer they could see a merry go round and a really tall Ferris wheel.

Rachel held daddy's hand and dragged him toward the merry go round while Mommy carried Colin and ran to catch up.  They came up to a big merry go round with real animals!

There were real tigers pacing around and horses neighing.  There were some huge elephants and fast cheetahs.  There was a lumbering turtle and a huge snake.  Rachel chose to ride on a, elephant while daddy rode beside her on the snake.  Mommy and Colin rode the back of a tiger, holding on to his bushy mane.

The animals walked and danced around and around to the merry go round music.  Once the music ended they all hopped off of their animals and hugged them goodbye.

After the merry go round they headed over to the big Ferris wheel.  They got right on the Ferris wheel and it began to move them up, up into the air, higher and higher than they had ever gone before. 

They moved up above all the clouds and out into space.  They moved up closer and closer to the moon.  At the very top of the Ferris wheel circle they were right nest to the moon.  Rachel reached out her hand and actually touched it.  She grabbed a handful of moon to bring back for her friends to see.

The Ferris wheel started moving down lower and lower.  They came back to the clouds and dropped right through them.  The Ferris wheel got closer and closer to the ground and they were able to see their house.  The Ferris wheel car stopped right on the top of the house and Winnie ran out in the back yard to look up and bark a hello to them.  Everyone waved to Winnie as the Ferris wheel car began moving back up into the sky.

Soon they were back on top of the clouds and the Ferris wheel stopped.  They jumped out of the ride and looked around for something else to do.

Off, away from the carnival they saw a long patch of grass.  "Let's go over there" Rachel called and they headed off toward the field.

Horses were grazing in the grass and walked right up to the family.  The horses lowered their heads and allowed each of the family to swing up onto the horses back.  They soon took off at a gallop.

The trees whizzed past their sides.  The grass flew under their feet.  Off in the distance they could see mountainous clouds rising up into the sky.  Everything flew past them while they rode faster and faster, letting the wind fly around them.

Off in the distance they spotted a small house.  The house grew bigger and bigger as the horses raced closer to the building.  They galloped up quickly to the house and stopped just in front of the door, letting out a happy whinney.

The family slid off of the horses and went right up to the door of the cottage.  Before they could even knock the door opened up, and out stepped Ms. MaryLee, Rachel's teacher.

"Hello!" she called out, "it's so great to see you."

Rachel replied, "Ms. MaryLee, I love you and I'm so glad you're here!  What's in that house?"

"This is our classroom.  Come on in and see."

Rachel grabbed Ms. MaryLee's hand and stepped into the house.  As soon as she went through the doorway she was in her classroom at school.  All of her friends were around her.  Rachel said "hi" to he friends Lydia, Nicholas, Molly, Sarah, Lauren and Jocelyn.  Even some of her old friends she hadn't seen in a while were there.  Rachel ran over and hugged Payton, Max, Zoe Gaul and Zoe Garret.

Rachel talked all about her trip in heaven and pulled out the moon rocks she had grabbed on the Ferris wheel.  Everyone gathered around and Rachel shared a rock with everyone in her class.

It was the best trip to school Rachel had ever had.


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