Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sermon Logos

Every now and then I get to do some fun stuff with church and flex my imagination to come up with graphics for sermon series we have going on.  Now, in most cases we take a background from a site dedicated to making them, since they have a bunch of people committed to making great graphics.  My favorite by far is PowerPoint Sermons.  They have listened to subscribers and made changes, including some I've specifically requested.  One of the graphics I got from them was this:


All I had to do was type in the text I wanted.  It would be great if they had even more backgrounds, but this will always be the site I hit first.  Well, now I'll hit SermonSlides by the same company, since we only use 4 slides a year, and this site lets up pay as you go.

In any case, every now and then Rob likes to make up sermon series titles which no one seems to have a graphic for.  Like this one: Deep Shift.  Get the reference?  Remove the "f" and you'll get it.  At those points I get to play around with graphics, fonts and whatever to come up with something like this:


Rob didn't like the brown, spotted one.  Sounds weird, but I definitely enjoy this stuff.  If only I could get paid for it.

Personally, I'd rather do something like this:


But I expect it's not quite appropriate for church audiences (look closely at the image in the circle.


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Anonymous said...

Oh Pooh, that won't do! They seem to always want something new! That's pretty cool, and I'm a fan! Tom, you most definitely are Da Man! Peace & Cheers.