Thursday, November 8, 2007

Microsoft and Facebook?

Holy freak of everything.  I just found out Microsoft just bought an ownership stake in Facebook, beating out Google in a bidding war.  I have no idea if this means something good or bad, but it sure is interesting.

Here's the article "Source: Microsoft wins Facebook bid battle" from CNet.

Ok, while I don't have any idea, truthfully it makes me nervous.  I keep wondering how much life is left in Facebook, and had expected it to be gone (like MySpace) or completely different in two years.  Now that a large corporation has bought into it, I expect that "completely different" option is off the table.  Large companies just seem unwilling to make huge changes to a product which was successful at one point in time.

Sadly, I expect Facebook will be gone, replaced by some other social networking site, within a few years.


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