Sunday, November 25, 2007

The God's Aren't Angry

Last Friday a few people from church and I went to see Rob Bell speak during his "The God's Aren't Angry" Tour.  Here's how I saw the event.

The short answer is that this is an hour and a half long sermon.  An incredibly dynamic sermon.  It was Rob Bell at his finest.

The longer answer is that he described where we, as cave men, began to recognize God's for different events, such as a God for the Sun and one for the rain.  That moved into describing the altar and sacrifices.  The inherent problems with sacrifice, when things go well you give more for thanks.  when things go badly, you give more hoping your god will finally be satisfied.

That led into a discussion of Christ's sacrifice for us.  That the altar is no longer for sacrifices of dead things, but instead one for us to make a living sacrifice.  He described how that was received in the community.

He then went into descriptions of some of the hard problems people have faced that he worked with over the past few weeks.  That Christ's sacrifice and pain was so much more than we have gone through, and that the stresses in our lives need to be reframed.

I actually don't remember the final punchline.  What I grabbed from it was simply "Let it go."  Keep things into perspective, and recognize God's saving grace in our own lives.

It was really good, and a couple of the kids were in silence for a while at the end.  I know it affected everyone in our group.

While it's moved on, I'd definitely recommend seeing him in concert whenever you have the chance.


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