Monday, November 19, 2007

Doggie Jesus

Recently Erin's grandfather had to put down his dog Ruffles.  His quality of living just wasn't there anymore.  Anticipating Grandpap visiting for Thanksgiving, without Mister Ruffles, we wanted to let Rachel know what had happened.  Here's how the conversation ensued.

Dad: When Great Grandpap comes to visit, Ruffles isn't going to come with him.

Rachel: Why not?

Mom: Ruffles wasn't able to see or hear very well.  He got confused a lot and had a hard time going potty.

Rachel: Like Rika?

Dad: Kind of like Rika, but much worse.  So Mr. Ruffles is up in Doggie Heaven.

Rachel: Oh.  With Doggie Jesus?

I love kids!  Since then Rachel has mentioned Doggie Jesus a couple of time.  I like the idea that Jesus becomes whoever we need him to be at the time we need him.


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