Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blithering Idiots

I'm watching Grey's Anatomy, where one of the characters ran into a guy she was interested in in high school.  She becomes a different person, really bubbly and willing to do whatever the guy asks.  Essentially, she realized that she became a blithering idiot.

That got me wondering about my own life.  Who could I run into that would make me a blithering idiot?

There was a girl I knew who asked me to take her to her prom.  We went there, then to a party at her friends house.  I become so enamored that I'd do almost anything.  I ended up letting her sleep in my lap all night, while I sat there, feeling exhausted but unable to sleep for being so uncomfortable, listening to crummy R&B music.  In college I ran into the same girl and I tell you, that day, I pretty much dropped everything and doted on her all day.

There just seem to be people we come across in life that make us forget all our common sense and become blithering idiots.

When I met my wife, I definitely had times when I was a bit of an idiot.  I'd make jokes that weren't all that funny and bend over backward so that she wouldn't feel inconvenienced by things I do.  Come to think of it, I still do that a bit.

What's my point?  What would you do for a stranger?  Would you become a blithering idiot for anyone, or just those certain people that trip a switch in you?  Why not try being a bit more of an idiot and giving of ourselves to anyone in need, not just the ones we like?


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Cindy said...

I've become a Grey's anatomy freak in the past few months. Borrowed the DVDs from the library and watched them to catch up with this season.

I thought the most interesting thing about that episode, was that Dr. Bailey is usually a strong, no emotion type person. But, this guy - who she was trying to impress- made her turn to a tub of goo.

I'm sure there is someone in my past that if they showed up again, I'd probably do whatever they wanted. Maybe a friend I haven't seen in such a long time - that I would want to impress them or something.