Saturday, October 13, 2007

Clicking with Faith

I wanted to follow on from my previous post about things just clicking in our brains and understanding comes.  I know this click phenomena comes into play with relationships and I think that flows into faith and a relationship with God.

We spend our whole lives looking for people we can connect with.  When we find that friend we think we can understand, and who understands us, something just clicks.  A bond is formed between us and that other person.  We just understand each-other.  Even after years of being apart it becomes easy to come back together.  when the relationship is severed by one person hurting the other, that hurt may often come not from the deed, but from not being able to understand the actions of this person we thought we knew.

The same is true of faith. 

People are looking to understand.  They want to understand how this God can let people they love die.  They want to understand how this God can let someone be brutally attacked.  They want to understand how someone can love them even when they don't love themselves.

Once the click happens though, something changes.  Heck, it's even gotten it's own term, being "born again".  It's impossible to explain to someone who hasn't had the click happen, since it's all about feeling and personal understanding.

It all starts with a click.

That click lets you understand that you can't understand everything and you can't know why every single thing happens in life.  It lets you be complete without understanding and gives brings you comfort from someone you can't see or touch.


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