Saturday, October 13, 2007


The way my brain works I often need to think about something for a while, often watching someone else or absorbing a picture before I really understand it.  But, once that understanding comes somehow I'm able to really get what's involved in making it happen and it seems like only serious practice is needed for me to get good at it.

More often than not that insight and understanding comes in an instant.  My brain clicks into place and I almost want to shout out "I GET IT!"

This morning I was watching a juggler on Sesame Street and as I watched him throw one object up just enough to pull the one in the air out of the way, my brain clicked.  I understand what's involved in juggling.  Not all the details, how gravity is involved, how to juggle chainsaws or anything, but I get juggling.

The same was true of programming and computers.  Years and years ago something just clicked.  While college refined this even more to a 0 and 1 level, I understand what's involved in the hardware, software and storage of digital information.

I was also watching some world renowned pianist on Sesame Street and I realized it.  I'm not the only one things click for. While I could never figure out how to use two hands at the same time to play piano, this guy is closing his eyes and music is flowing out.  The piano playing just clicked at some point, and he's been able to really understand and express himself through music.

So, am I and this great pianist the only ones this happens to?


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